Announcing Vegas Astrology!

Las Vegas psychic Mona Van Joseph and Vegas Astrology
Vegas Astrology

I was asked by my friend, Lyn, “Why don’t you write an astrology column?”My immediate response was, “I’m not sure I want to spread myself too thin.” Then when Abi and Debbie (within a week) chatted with me about the same idea, I took it as a “sign” that I was supposed to write a monthly column. My column is based on my intuition, my knowledge of Astrology and Numerology and is brought to you monthly. Click here to read your insights Vegas Astrology

Beginning with the October forecast, my Vegas Astrology column now appears monthly in two publications:

Holistic Vegas with Mona Van Joseph, Las Vegas PsychicExplore here:

Holistic Vegas MagazineLas Vegas Psychic writes for Sensi Magazine


Explore here:

Sensi Magazine

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