Happy New Year!

The Vibe of 2022

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The Lovers, OSHO-Zen®️

The focus of 2022 is LOVE.

The digits in this 2022 year add up to a “6” (2+0+2+2 = 6) and in the Tarot Deck, that is the Lovers card. It means that you are loving yourself first. Filling yourself up first, and then sharing the overflow with your world.

It’s a powerful energy to draw romantic love to you…with the caveat that you make sure that the person you desire is legitimately authentic. It’s okay to be drawn into the attraction, but the big “but” here is making sure that the person actually has the qualities that you seek in your Companion of Choice. Hold off on physical intimacy until you really know the person.

2022 is the vibration of doing what you love, being with who you love and in turn, stepping back from any situation that doesn’t promote a loving vibe in your life. You deserve this. “Someday” is NOW!

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