About Mona

Psychic for Trade Shows in Las Vegas

I am also known in Las Vegas as Mystic Mona® 

I’ve been featured on Jimmy Kimmel, as well as the local Fox and ABC affiliates. I’ve been featured on several reality programs, including the popular series,  Sister Wives .

I have 3 publications: 9 Day Energy Reset &  The Selfish Wish and is the creator of the Dice Wisdom App for iPhone & Android

I host Psychic View® radio show live each Friday morning at 9AM, Pacific Time, and since 2002, hold the  Psychic Arts License  through the City of Las Vegas.*  I am considered one of the best intuitive readers in Las Vegas. Many major casinos have me as an engaging Fortune Teller to entertain their VIP clients at exclusive events and Trade Shows book me to bring more attention to their booth on the convention floor.

The best way to predict the future is to create it!

“Though I am accomplished in many methods of divination, my specialty is the Tarot. My favorite deck is the OSHO-ZEN Tarot, not only because of the beauty of the artwork, but also because of the multi-level messages within the cards. I do not connect with those who have passed over or necessarily predict the future. I will see what’s going on with you, and what is likely to happen if you stay in the same energy. I am considered a Life Intuitive and believe that you have the capacity to transform your life. People that find me are ready to shift and relax into a more authentic version of themselves; which is why finding me is no accident. I will help you recognize your personal power and potential.”

The psychic on Jimmy Kimmel Mystic Mona

I am available for both phone and in person sessions by appointment. Call me at 702-233-4790 or contact me here: APPOINTMENT w/Mona


*The Psychic Arts License is required for professional readers in Las Vegas. It involves a criminal background investigation by The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.