Face Skirt – Unisex Version

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As I make more masks for my friends and clients, I’ve arrived at an comfortable, unisex version.  Below are the instructions for you to make one for yourself.

1. Materials needed: pipe cleaners, cotton material, shoelaces, Stitch Witchery (SW), needle, thread, and iron.

2. Start with a fused SW edge, (cotton rectangle. 10 inch by 8 inch before fusing edges, 9 inch by 7 inch after fusing the edge…1 inch hem). Let cool for a few minutes.

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3. While material is cooling, take 2 pipe cleaners and one shoelace. Starting at the middle of the two, side by side shoelaces, wrap the shoelace around the pipe cleaners. Check to make sure the ends of the shoelaces are even. At each end, make one slip knot, doing your best to keep the pipe cleaners side by side.

4. Fold the material rectangle in half lengthwise and iron a crease. About 1/4 inch below the crease, place the pipe cleaner, shoelace combo on the inside of the rectangle. Place SW in strips across the pipe cleaners/shoelace. Then place a scrap piece of material on top of the SW, shoelaces, and pipe cleaners. Lightly hold the material under the pipe cleaners/shoelaces and iron (wool setting) for 10 seconds above the pipe cleaners/shoelaces, until the material fuses. Repeat ironing on bottom. Lastly, iron and fuse on top of the pipe cleaners/shoelaces.

5. Turn over material and iron again.  Fuse the bottom edges and tack down the mask on the shoelace edge. At the top, gently fold the mask in center and then create a bridge for your nose.