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I had my very first phone reading with Mona, to say I was a bit apprehensive Is an understatement. I did a bit of deep breathing wrote my questions down and was ready for her call. Mona is amazing she was right on with so many things in my life and some that nobody would know. She gave great advice all the while was very kind and caring and took the time to answer any questions I had.
If you are considering a reading I would strongly suggest Mona … she is amazing!  Patty, Jan. 2018

I have hired Mona as entertainment for various conferences throughout the United States as a psychic advisor multiple times. Mona always drew a large number of people to our booth which gave us an opportunity to meet and qualify potential clients, while she provided a very positive and enjoyable experience for them. I highly recommend Mona for any event wherein you are looking to draw traffic to your exhibit and promote a fun and very successful conference experience! N. Paul Warman, Vice President, Bridgestreet Corporate Housing, May 2013

I met Mona a few years ago at a fundraiser for The Poppy Foundation. Once a year she gives mini-readings for $20 and donates all of the money raised to the foundation. Every time I had a mini reading with her, she was spot on. I was always amazed with the information she would deliver to me. I have been so impressed with her that I finally went to her for a private full reading. She was able to deliver information about things I haven’t told anyone else. She knew about my internal conflicts. Mona does not predict the future, but she can deliver messages from your guardian angels. She also can provide advice on how to accomplish your goals and overcome your struggles. My reading with her was so emotional and heartfelt. I now have a different outlook on life and I feel a sense of hope. Mona is a genuine person. She is a true angel here on earth. I would recommend her to anyone!  Brianna, July 2017

Fabulous! I had just my first session with Mystic Mona and it was incredible. She is truly a professional and her insights were astonishing. It is great to get validation on things you are working on and considering as well as answers to important questions. I have her Dice Wisdom App as well and it has shown to be very insightful. I highly recommend going to see her. You will be so glad.  Debbie, Sept. 2016

Mona is the BEST. I met her after I’d had a terrible few years and she truly helped me through the last 8 years. She has inspired me and knowing her has really been life changing. She is so supportive and always has wonderful suggestions. Like I said…..life changing. Kathy, Oct. 2014