Veil / Face Skirt 😁

Times call for a comfortable way to cover your nose and mouth in public. I made some of these veils (my guy friend calls them “face skirts”) and they are very popular with my friends and clients. Here are the detailed instructions so you may make your own.

1. Materials you’ll need: headband, Stitch Witchery ™, veil material, scissors, needle, thread, iron, parchment paper, and file folder.

2. Cut your material into an 11 X 13 rectangle (don’t worry about the edges so much, they will be bonded by the fusing). Cut Stitch Witchery ™ SW to length of each side. Place on 11 inch side first and fold over material to cover the SW. Place a file folder underneath the material.

3. Set your iron to the Wool setting. Once heated, place a piece of parchment paper over the fold (material used here is silk). In this order: file folder on the bottom, then material, then a length of SW, a fold over the SW, then place parchment over the fold. Place iron on parchment for 10 seconds. The 11 inch ends first then the 13 inch sides.

4. You will now have a rectangle that looks like this:

5. Fold in half lengthwise, matching up the ends. Place file folder under the folded edge, place parchment on top of the crease, and iron.

6. File folder, edges of material, SW between edges, and parchment on top. Fuse the edges together with SW.

7. On the creased (un-fused) side of the material, run the headband through the “top.” Tack down the ends of the material to the headband and stitch a 2 inch running stitch across the middle of the front.

8. Finished veil. You can see that I’ve made quite a few. You can tuck in a coffee filter or folded paper towel through the side of the veil.

Home made veil by Las Vegas Psychic Mona Van Joseph

NOTE:  When using all cotton material, you may omit the Parchment Paper when fusing with the iron. This picture is a face covering made with 100% cotton.