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Predicting your Potential!

Let's journey together to illuminate the opportunities on your path and reveal the possibilities that lie ahead.

What is Tarot?

Tarot card reading is a mystical art that uses a deck of symbolic cards to gain insights into one's past, present, and potential future, offering guidance and reflection. As an intuitive reader, I connect with the energy of the cards to interpret their meanings, providing clarity and perspective on life's complex questions and challenges.

What is Osho- Zen®️?

The Osho-Zen®️, Tarot deck is deeply rooted in the wisdom and teachings of Zen Buddhism, offers a unique and contemporary approach to Tarot reading. It focuses on the here and now, providing profound insights into personal growth, awareness, and transformation, rather than traditional predictive readings.

How can a Reading Help Me?

If you're seeking support and guidance, a Tarot card reading might be a useful tool, offering clarity and a new perspective on your personal challenges and current situations. Through the intuitive interpretation of the cards, it can help to illuminate paths and choices that may not have been apparent before.

The Nature of Tarot

Explore the Nature of Tarot with Mona; where ancient symbols, opportunities, and intuitive insights converge to illuminate your path and unlock the potential of your life.

How to Book a Reading

Select Your Package & Make Payment

Choose your preferred package and complete the payment. Once your payment is confirmed, you'll gain access to Mona's availability calendar to schedule your reading.

Choose Your Booking Date and Time

Choose a date and time for your reading from Mona's calendar, which is open for bookings up to three months in advance. Once you submit your selection, you will receive a confirmation email from Mona detailing your appointment specifics.

Get Ready for Your Reading

Anticipate your session with Mona by jotting down any questions you have in advance, ensuring a focused and insightful reading. This preparation will help you make the most out of your time with Mona.

The Process

mona's process

How Does the Reading Process Work?

Through the use of the Osho-Zen®️ Tarot deck, Mona seeks to uncover insights and provide guidance by connecting deeply with the symbolism and energy of each card. Each card brings a sense of awareness to your specific situation and the placement of the cards reflect a person's unique journey. Her readings are a blend of intuition, compassion, insight, and a springboard from traditional interpretations. Mona's collaborative energy in personal sessions provides her clients with awareness and a deep understanding concerning his or her life path.


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Reading Packages

Discover the perfect reading by Mona to suit your needs with her diverse range of intuitive reading packages. Each package is thoughtfully designed to offer unique insights and guidance, whether you're seeking answers to specific questions or exploring broader aspects of your life's journey.

30 Minute Reading

Via Phone

$ 159 /session

1 Person

30 Minute Session

Via Phone*

Photo of your Cards

* You may record this session if you wish

1 Hour Reading

Via Phone

$ 249 /person

1 Person

60 Minute Session

Via Phone*

Photo of your Cards

* You may record Phone sessions if you wish

1 Hour Reading

Via Zoom

$ 349 /person

1 Person

60 Minute Session

Via Zoom Call*

Photo of your Cards

Reading Zoom Recording

*You will receive a Zoom link to attend

an online meeting with Mona. Instructions will be provided in your confirmation email 24 hours before your appointment.

Limited In Person


$ 495 /person

1 Person

60 Minute Session

In person - At Mona's Office

Photo of your Cards

Reading Audio Recording

Submit 1 Question Ahead of Session

* A very limited number of sessions are made available each month


Mona is not only as kind as she looks, but she has the ability to zero in on what's at the top of your consciousness, even when you haven't voiced it, yourself..

elaine k.

Mona is amazing! I recently brought my daughter to see her after a traumatic loss. Mona lovingly and skillfully navigated through every issue. She is so intuitive, caring and just an amazing human!

bobbi j.

Mona is fantastic. Mona knew exactly what answers I was seeking without me saying a word.

Mona in the Media

As Mystic Mona®️, I've had the privilege of sharing my intuitive Tarot insights across a variety of media platforms over the past 20 years, including television, radio, podcasts, and online publications. This diverse exposure has allowed me to connect with a wide audience, bringing the wisdom of Tarot to people from all walks of life and different corners of the world.


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