Mystic Mona® for your Trade Show Booth

The future of your business is bright!

Psychic Entertainment, fortune teller Las Vegas, Las Vegas fortune teller, Mystic Mona, event psychic, zoltar, magic 8 ballThink about having Mystic Mona® at your Trade Show Booth. I am considered one of the best psychics in the United States and will help you attract those important prospects. As your entertaining fortune teller, I will help you create the fun energy your booth deserves. People will line up at your booth for their mini reading and be absolutely amazed. You may promote me at a special cocktail reception (because you’ll offer more than just logo’d flash drives and pens) and instead, present a positive and productive glimpse of the future.🔮

I am able to help you make a great impression … and while people are waiting on line for their mini Tarot reading with me, your sales team can interact with those prospects. Having all those contacts waiting around your booth will make you the buzz of the Trade Show.

When you book me, Mystic Mona®,   as your Las Vegas Fortune Teller / Psychic Entertainer, I will give you some interesting marketing ideas to allow you an incredibly productive experience. I will help you draw those valued potential clients to your booth or event!

Psychic Entertainer, fortune teller, Las Vegas
Virtual Cocktail Event

Zoom psychic readings, psychic readings via zoom, Las Vegas psychic, virtual readings, virtual psychic readings, top untied states psychic, tarot reader, best blog talk radio psychic, patreon psychic, psychic view radioSome trade shows can be restrictive about entertainers at your booth. To avoid extra cost of being there in person, Mystic Mona®️ can entertain at your booth virtually. Easy to do. Simply set up a box on your table, drape it when a lovely cloth and set a laptop onto this platform. People will step up and I do his or her live mini reading virtually. Your trade show can be in any city around the world without the added expense of travel, show entry, or accommodations for my in-person appearance.

Call me at 702-233-4790 or contact me below:
I will help you make your next Las Vegas convention experience even more memorable. A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve me for your trade show or VIP event. Please contact me for details and your custom quote.